The Goût de Diamants Brut Diamond Champagne Bottle - The Most Expensive Champagne Bottle

Custom gold-plated phones and diamond-studded watches back the evidence that the finest things in the world are often made on a whim.

This time around, it is an anonymous buyer who had luxury champagne maker Goût de Diamants package an exclusive champagne bottle that totals a staggering £1.2 million, making it perhaps the most expensive in the world.

Dissecting what made the champagne worth the pounds, we discover the bespoke bottle is encrusted with a 19-carat flawless deep-cut white diamond, set on an 18k gold handcrafted logo.

Designed by Alexander Amosu, the undersigned label is also fashioned out of 18k white gold and has the private client’s name etched on it for good measure.

One-of-a-kind in packaging, but all the same in taste, this limited edition Goût de Diamants Brut Diamond bottle holds a blend of Grand Cru Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, making it creamy, light bubbly with strong floral notes.