World's Most Expensive Motorhome Covered in Gold now Available in Dubai

The world's most expensive motorhome has gone on sale in Dubai - covered in gold and priced at a cool £2 million, 3 Million USD.

The space-age element Palazzo comes complete with a colossal master bedroom, 40-inch TV, on-board bar, fireplace and even its own rooftop terrace.
But the most impressive piece of luxury is the 'Sky Lounge' - at the press of a button the 40ft home transforms into a personal retreat with pop up cocktail bar, underfloor heating and extravagant marble lighting.

The caravan also has a barbecue grill station, an 80 litre stainless steel fridge, and a 40-inch all-weather proofed full HD TV and speaker system.

The success of the vehicle has been a hit among oil-rich Arab Sheikhs - the state-of-the-art homes even wash themselves after a day's driving through the Middle Eastern desert.
Although the 40ft vehicle comes in a stunning gold, it is also available in white.
SOURCE: The Daily Mail